Tatgenhorst Tapped to Lead LPIN Candidate Efforts in General Election

(Indianapolis) Porter County technology executive Karl Tatgenhorst was voted by convention delegates this weekend to serve as the party’s standard bearer heading into the fall elections. Tatgenhorst secured the nomination for the Secretary of State at the 2014 Libertarian Party of Indiana State Convention held in Indianapolis.

“It’s anktat_2014_conv honor to be chosen,” Tatgenhorst commented. “Beyond the ballot issues related to this race, the position is incredibly important in our state. From administering elections to overseeing business filings, the office carries quite some weight. It’s often overlooked. I hope through my campaign that I will be able to educate more people on the role of the office and impart in them the confidence to know I will treat the position with respect and administer the functions capably.”

In Indiana, the Secretary of State race establishes ballot access for a political party for four years at all levels. A candidate must secure a minimum 2% in the race to qualify the party for instant ballot access for the four years. In 2010, Mike Wherry captured 6% of the state popular vote.

“It’s exciting,” noted LPIN State Chairman Dan Drexler. “Karl has been working hard for this nomination over the past year. I have no doubt he’s going to impress voters the way he has already impressed our convention delegates. It’s going to be a great year and having Karl as our ‘top of ticket’ candidate is great.”

The Libertarian Party nominated candidates for Indiana Statehouse, statewide and federal office, also. Those candidates include:

  • Indiana Statehouse: House District 33 — Zeb Sutton; House District 54 — Brad Owens; House District 56 — Mark Brim; House District 98 — Bill Levin; Senate District 27 — Rex Bell
  • U.S. Congress: District 1 — Donna Dunn; District 2 — Jeff Petermann; District 5 — John Krom; District 8 — Andrew Horning; District 9 — Mike Frey


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