LPIN Renews Calls for Privately-funded Democratic and Republican Primaries

With incumbents sweeping federal races in today’s primary elections, the Libertarian Party renewed its calls for the Democratic and Republican parties to move their selection of general election candidates to privately-financed conventions. Since its inception, the Libertarian Party has nominated candidates at its own self-financed convention.

“It’s a charade,” noted Libertarian Party State Chairman Dan Drexler. “From the low voter turnout to the overwhelming success of incumbents, it’s evident that the primaries are nothing more than taxpayer subsidized media and public relations for the old parties. We could save millions of dollars in our state if our legislators would simply move in-party business to the confines of their own conventions.”

“St. Joseph County, one of our most-populated counties, reported just 7% voter turnout,” Drexler continued. “I understand wanting to have a voice. Moving candidate selection to a private convention will actually drive more activity at the local level, resulting in more robust elections for precinct positions and convention delegates. It saves money for the state and drives greater participation.”

The practice is not without proven success. Both Democratic and Republican parties select statewide candidates at convention, including secretary of state, treasurer and auditor.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana nominated a partial slate of federal candidates at its April 26th convention in Indianapolis. Candidates include:

  • Donna Dunn, U.S. House District 1
  • Jeff Petermann, U.S. House District 2
  • John Krom, U.S. House District 5
  • Andrew Horning, U.S. House District 8
  • Mike Frey, U.S. House District 9
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