Sold Out!

“Conversations With Gary Johnson” at Purdue University is Sold Out!


Aug. 31, 2016. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.

By: Rodney Benker

The event billed as “Conversations with Gary Johnson, co-sponsored by Purdue Young Americans for Liberty“, hosted by Governor Mitch Daniels to be held at Loeb Playhouse on Purdue University Campus has sold out of available seats!

In just one week from Purdue releasing early seating passes through Eventbrite, all available seats in Loeb Playhouse’s 1000 person capacity have been reserved. The early seating passes were free and guaranteed a seat to those in line before the event began. Purdue University and the Gary Johnson Campaign are currently working to locate the event to a larger venue on campus.

Students and supporters commenting on the Facebook event have suggested new locations such as the Gold & Black Gym and even Mackey Arena. You may recall, the Gold & Black Gym is where Purdue hosted Bernie Sanders earlier in the year. A Johnson Campaign official says a new venue will be secured and advertised within the next few days to a week.

“Response to this event has been truly amazing!” said Rodney Benker, Libertarian Party of Indiana Vice-Chair and Social Media Director, “well over 280,000 people have seen the event so far throughout Social Media”. Purdue University and the Johnson Campaign are scheduled to start advertising the event later next week. The event is expected to receive an incredible swell of excitement and attendees when the advertising takes on a national level. There is little doubt that the Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Libertarian Ticket have a big following in Indiana and surrounding States.




IMPORTANT: Limited Early Seating Passes are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
HOWEVER, there may still be a limited number of seats available after 5:00 PM. Early Seating Passes DO NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION AFTER 5:00PM.
Individuals without seating passes, or pass holders who arrive after 5:00 PM may still have the opportunity to access a limited number of remaining seats.
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