Sold Out – AGAIN!

“Conversations With Gary Johnson” at Purdue University is Sold Out! – AGAIN!

Sept. 8, 2016. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.

By: Rodney Benker

The event billed as “Conversations with Gary Johnson, co-sponsored by Purdue Young Americans for Liberty“, hosted by Governor Mitch Daniels originally to be held at Loeb Playhouse on Purdue University Campus, and then moved to the Gold and Black Gyms has sold out of advanced seats – again!

In just one week from Purdue releasing early seating passes through Eventbrite, all available seats in Loeb Playhouse’s 1000 person capacity had been reserved. In just a matter of days, after opening up more advanced seats in the new location, those seats have all been claimed! Current estimates for attendance range from 1,800 to overflow capacity for the Student Rec. Gyms. It is important to note, that all early seat ticket holders must be in line by 4:30 pm to be guaranteed a seat. General admission begins at 5:00 pm. From the updated Eventbrite page:

NOTE: This event has been moved to a larger location in the Recreational Sports Center Gold and Black Gyms.
IMPORTANT: Limited Early Seating Passes are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
HOWEVER, there may still be a limited number of seats available after 5:00 PM. Early Seating Passes DO NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION AFTER 5:00PM.
Individuals without seating passes, or pass holders who arrive after 5:00 PM may still have the opportunity to access a limited number of remaining seats.

Early Seating Passes are no longer available. The free Early Seating Pass will allow entry at 4:30 pm. The free Early Seating Pass does not guarantee seating or entry after 5:00 pm.
Early Seating Pass holders are encouraged to be in line by 4:30 pm when doors open for early seating.
Seating Pass holders MUST present the electronic or paper copy at the gate for admission, without exception.

Not only has the public attention to this event been phenomenal, so has interest from the Press. Local, national, and international outlets have contacted the campaign for press passes, where there will be a dedicated area for press. This is surely an event one should not miss!



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