Rupert Boneham named “Top five political superstars to watch this Election 2012” by Washington Times

The Washington Times has named Rupert Boneham one of the “Top five political superstars to watch this Election 2012.”

5. Rupert Boneham, former Survivor contestant and Libertarian candidate for Indiana governor
Three time Survivor contestant and fan favorite Rupert Boneham is now a Libertarian candidate for Indiana governor. Having raised over $70,000 for his gubernatorial campaign, Boneham is the highest fundraising non-presidential LP candidate of this year’s election. But it’s not surprising that Boneham is such a popular Libertarian state candidate: For over twenty years he has been active in his community as a mentor of children and a generous donor to local charities.

Running against Republican Congressman Mike Pence and former Democratic state Speaker of the House John Gregg, Boneham is a hero to third parties all across America and an shining example of how persistence and humility can change the political narrative. The man nicknamed “The Gentle Giant” is the epitome of a hometown hero and arguably the most inspiring rising political star this year.

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