Candidate Achievements in 2012: Jeremiah Morrell for HD 54

(We are sharing some of the hard work of some of our Libertarian candidates during the 2012 cycle as a way to say thank you for moving the Libertarian Party forward.)

In a district that is 50 miles corner to corner over 3 counties, Jeremiah Morrell is ready to continue the historic run by Rex Bell in 2010.

Jeremiah has raised and spent more than any other Libertarian House candidate with $3,500. With this, he’s distributed 15,000 door hangers 7,000 business cards, 30 tee shirts, Facebook advertising reaching 18,000 likely voters, 250 yard signs, and 8 billboards around the district. Helping distribute this literature are 30 campaign volunteers. His volunteers will pass out 4,000 of the Libertarian Party of Indiana slate pieces.

Jeremiah has also been an active campaigner at local events, spending 14 full days at county fairs, state fair, or festivals and four parades. He was also in three debates, of which one was televised. Because of his efforts, Jeremiah was frequently in the newspaper.

Jeremiah’s efforts also helped to affiliate one new county party in his district: the Libertarian Party of Henry County.

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