Press Release: Indiana Democratic Party Endorses Libertarian Mark Vogel for Congress in New Mailer

(A Press Release from the Vogel Campaign.)

Many Indiana District 2 voters are receiving a mailer from the Indiana Democratic Party showing
support for Libertarian candidate Mark Vogel. The flyer, which was a pleasant surprise today for
the Vogel campaign, highlights Libertarian Mark Vogel’s support of the 2nd
amendment, lower spending, and less taxes.

As Mark Vogel first said in receiving a copy of the flyer, “It is great to see that the Democratic Party
of Indiana is finally for Real Change and sound candidates that support Constitutional
government, lower spending and free markets; something the Democratic party has not
believed in for many decades.”

When asked about the flyer depicting Libertarian Mark Vogel as the only true conservative in
the race, Mark Vogel commented, “Conservative? I don’t use terms like conservative and
liberal. I am only what most people term ‘conservative’ when it comes to our Nation’s fiscal
matters. I am a Libertarian through and through which is much different and more than being
a conservative. My positions on less military spending, non-interventionist foreign policy,
repeal of NAFTA and human rights makes me a candidate that liberal and conservative citizens
can vote for. I hope people will continue to check out the Libertarian Party and see that our
policies and candidates offer something better for Americans.”

In a surprise to the Vogel campaign, the flyer was sent without the knowledge or consent of
Mark Vogel or the Libertarian Party. As Mark stated, “This is simply incredible for me and my
campaign. Having the Indiana Democratic Party support me, the Libertarian candidate over
their candidate is phenomenal! One couldn’t make this stuff up, if didn’t actually happen!”

Regarding the endorsement of Mark Vogel by the Indiana Democratic Party, “It really doesn’t
come as much of a surprise. Throughout the campaign, Congressman Joe Donnelly has repeatedly
stated that he is an Independent and not a part of the Pelosi and Democratic team. It is great to see
the Democrats finally in support of Libertarian beliefs. It will be the only way for us to truly get out
of the mess that both Democrats and Republicans have created for Americans. I urge ALL
Americans to vote Libertarian this year!”

In Mark’s final comments on the flyer, “I got into this race because of the childish antics by both
the Republican and Democratic Parties. The choices the two parties give America typically boil
to two grown adults acting like preschoolers in a sandbox fighting over the sand bucket! I am
just happy that the Libertarian Party offers voters a third mature option this November.

Mark jokingly stated, “I can now only hope the Republicans will put out a flyer saying
that I am the best Liberal Candidate!”

Mark Vogel is a 10 year veteran of both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force Reserves and honored
to have taken the oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and
domestic. Mark is currently completing his Doctor of Pharmacy degree through Indiana
University and also became the proud new father of Mark Vogel Jr. born this past June.

The Indiana Democratic Party flyer and endorsement can be viewed at Mark Vogel’s campaign

For more information or to schedule and interview with Mark Vogel contact us at
media@vogel4congress, or Ray Wolff @ (574) 807-0048

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