Libertarian Party of Indiana Condemns Use of Candidates Image’s Without Permission

The Indiana Democratic Party has sunk to new lows in their efforts to win two Congressional seats in Indiana. It was revealed Friday that the Indiana Democratic Party has put out a direct mail piece for Libertarian Greg Knott in Indiana’s ninth Congressional district. Today, Conservative voters in the second Congressional district received a direct mail piece promoting Libertarian Mark Vogel.

“The Libertarian Party of Indiana condemns the use of its candidate’s images and branding in this manner without our candidate’s express written permission,” said Executive Director Chris Spangle.

“Neither Greg Knott nor Mark Vogel were consulted before their images were used in these mailers. The Libertarian Party of Indiana denounces the tactics used by State Democrats. Voters should not trust politicians that will use any means to win a race.”

To View the Postcard from the second Congressional District, please click here.

For more information, please contact Chris Spangle at or by telephone at (317) 997-5558.

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