National Libertarian Party Seeking Volunteers to Revamp Technology Strategy

The Libertarian National Committee and the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance have voted to revamp and standardize the Libertarian Party’s technology strategy. The LNC has funded a new project to develop database and website platforms for all levels of the party including candidates, local, state and the national party.

“Our goal (vision) is to enable affiliates to focus on building the LP, not be distracted with technology and IT organizational issues,” said Brett Pojunis of theLibertarian State Leadership Alliance. “There will be a Libertarian website for every state, county and city that wants one. All public information available, such as voter registrations, and automated syncing of the National Data Dump (LP provided), will be aggregated and organized and more importantly, available. This will lead to additional exposure for the LP as well as additional membership.”.

Recently, the LSLA commissioned the Online Technologies Standardization Committee. Indiana’s Executive Director, Chris Spangle, served as a voting member of this committee. The committee helped plan a presentation to the LNC for funding. The LNC this past weekend voted to fund development of a new database system for CiviCRM and Joomla.

“The OTS Committee, having completed its work, is now disbanded and the LSLA is creating a permanent LSLA IT Committee,” said Pojunis.” The goal of the LSLA IT committee is to launch this complete project by the National Convention in May 2012.

Pojunis continued, “We are actively seeking qualified members for the LSLA IT Committee to assist with the overall direction of this project. The LSLA is going to contract this work with a professional development firm and the IT Committee will participate by providing input to the project.”

To serve on this committee please contact Brett H. Pojunis at 202.505.3606 or

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