Horning: US Senate Candidate puts Rule Of Law on the Ballot

(Andrew Horning is a candidate for the 2012 LPIN US Senate nomination.)

FREEDOM, IN – There’s been some noise about this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. The December 5 Forbes.com published the ominous-sounding article, “The National Defense Authorization Act is the Greatest Threat to Civil Liberties Americans Face.”

Oh hogwash. The Act is just a bunch of words. Granted, a big bunch of words at 926 pages for S.1867 alone – that’s many, many times the number of words in the entire constitution as amended…plus the Declaration of Independence…plus some historical commentary…plus my local phone book. It’s another 908 pages for H.R. 1540.

These words are not law. These words are, in fact, illegal. Null and void at best, the Act is clearly unconstitutional:

The United States of America hasn’t constitutionally declared a war since WWII, so the authorization bill, an annual crime for the past 48 years, could constitutionally authorize only the maintenance of navies (we’ve never amended the constitution to allow for the maintenance of anything else outside state militias).

The Act could be legal only as far as the limits of the US Constitution’s authority grant (see Amendment 10 for clarification on this).

Americans do face threats to their civil liberties, but only those they’ve voted for themselves. We can at any time choose to leash our unrestrained politicians; I’m running on that hope, in fact. I aim to govern our government to what’s clearly written for all to read.

It’s all here (http://test.lpin.dev/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/THE-UNITED-STATES-CONSTITUTION-1211.pdf); we only need to choose it. It will be on the ballot for 2012 under the name, Andrew Horning (L).

(This is a press release from Horning’s campaign. Reposting on LPIN.org does not reflect an endorsement of his candidacy by the LPIN SCC. Candidates for the LPIN nomination are selected at the LPIN convention in March of 2012.)

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