LPIN State of the State Response

Libertarian Party of Indiana’s Response to the 2022 State of State Address:

It’s easy to see that the Governor is overselling the minimal successes of state sponsored programs that would be better left to private businesses, individuals, and non-profit groups.

For instance, the laughable numbers from the Governor’s version of a state-run LinkedIn. With just 240 employers and 16,000 individuals registered we are left wondering how much taxpayer money was wasted on this?

The Governor wants to again increase spending to fix the broken education system, which was made worse by government mandated lockdowns and virtual learning. Over 50% of our tax money already goes to education funding. How much more are they willing to throw at the problem before they realize that money isn’t the problem, the system is?

With tax revenue up year over year from both 2019 and 2020 and the state maintaining a $2 Billion surplus, why not give EVERY Hoosier real tax relieve, not a $145 rebate, by repealing or lowering the tax burdens of working families and small business owners. Talking on TV about getting rid of the Personal Property Tax for businesses sounds great, but the actual tax burdens felt by everyday Hoosiers are what fuel the state’s never-ending spending spree.

The Governor made it clear that he intends to seek a massive increase to the state budget in 2023 to pay for all of his shiny new programs. Programs that he’s photocopying from successful companies and organizations. Programs that will spend your hard earned money to achieve mediocre results.

What was missing during the Governor’s sales pitch for his massive expanse of government was individual liberty. Individual liberty in the form of school choice, constitutional carry, medical freedom, property rights, privacy, and justice. It should be clear that these are no longer even going to be empty rhetoric for the one-party “supermajority” rulers of the Indiana Statehouse.

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