Message from Will Henry

The last few months campaigning for the U.S. Senate, I’ve had the honor and privilege to travel the state to meet and speak with Hoosiers while spreading the Libertarian message. I have visited with many people and listened to many issues.

A major factor in all these encounters was these citizens are not being represented properly.

These last couple of years have been very trying for Americans, and we have suffered with so many limitations, changes, and divisions. Our liberty has been violated, small businesses have been shattered, and the government at every level continues to further intrude and attempt to control our lives. Government doesn’t control itself very well.

We spend so much more as a nation than what we make. We are in debt to so many other nations, and we continue to pile it on. The national debt has grown to more than $29 trillion. It moves at a sickening pace that sinks our country deeper in debt each second.

All the while, we live in a state that continues to attack its own citizens for victimless crimes like cannabis possession. Directly against the claims of medical freedom outlined in Indiana Code. I too am a victim of the state due to bad and victimless cannabis prohibition laws.

People are demanding to follow and question the science, when the science from cannabis continues being absolutely ignored. We have spent $4 trillion on pandemic relief efforts and still know nothing more than we did about coronaviruses than when it began. Yet, the medical community claims ignorance to the science regarding the Human Endocannabinoid System.

I helped work on the vaccine trials. I personally handled and routed human biological specimens and learned about the drug and vaccine approval process. I was on the frontlines of the pandemic in the lab.

I witnessed the speed the data from these vaccines were pushed to completion and how many specimens the major pharmaceutical companies were fighting to pay for priority to get through the doors.

No citizen should be forced to take these vaccines, and the facts should always speak for themselves for choice and consent to decide a medical treatment. We have government mandates being implemented for our military and government employees and attempts to force private companies to vaccinate.

The sheer amount of money and effort put forth by the government, and the messaging they are using to coerce and convince us this is a good idea, should show the trouble and hypocrisy we are in.

Who is demanding government do better? Who is ensuring citizens remain free and protected? Who is governing the government? It’s not our current senators or representatives on Capitol Hill. They’re too busy governing your life to govern the government.

I will spread the Libertarian message throughout the remainder of my campaign and continue to push the principles of the party. I pledge to continue to advocate and activate against oppression and violations of our freedom and personal liberty.

Will Henry will be seeking the Libertarian Party of Indiana nomination for US Senate at the 2022 LPIN Convention in Fishers, IN on March 5th.

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