Kim Brand for State Rep: Proponents of Less Government Must Vote Their Beliefs in 2012

Indianapolis, Ind., July 19 2012 – The GOP mantra of “less government, not more” has been gathering dust for more than three decades. Former President Ronald Reagan’s pledge to reduce the size of the federal bureaucracy served as the cornerstone of his Republican Presidential Campaigns, highlighting his two terms in the Oval Office.

Fast forward to 2008. The Tea Party becomes a driving force in national politics. Its core principles of downsizing government, reducing spending and taxation, and slashing the federal bureaucracy gain favor, but lack sufficient momentum to transform rhetoric into reality. Tens of millions of voters still wait for the day that less government at the local, state and federal level become the new columns upon which the mantle of American freedom rests.

As the Libertarian Candidate for the District 53 seat in the Indiana House of Representatives, I believe change must start at home. It’s high time we held our elected officials accountable. In fact, the old saying “there’s no time like the present” is especially relevant given the nation’s whopping $15.7 trillion national deficit.

State Rep. Robert “Bob” W. Cherry is running to retain his House seat. While Rep. Cherry is a capable man, having honorably served the citizens of District 53 since January, 1999, it’s time for a changing of the guard at the State Capitol.

If you believe that less government is more, I’m your candidate.

If you believe that it’s time to return America’s destiny to “We the People”, I’m your candidate.

If your vision is for a world in which all individuals can freely exercise the natural right of sole dominion over their own lives, liberty and property by building a political party that elects Libertarians to public office, I’m your candidate.

My name is Kim J. Brand, 2012 Libertarian Candidate for District 53, Indiana House of Representatives, and I approved this message.


  • Kim J. Brand, 317-714-1913
  • Gary Garrison, Campaign Manager, 317-500-4134
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