Help the Libertarian Party Reach Thousands at the State Fair!

The Libertarian Party of Indiana, for the first time in our history, has reserved a booth at the Indiana State Fair! And, not just any booth, but one of the largest and best located (air conditioned) booths at the fair! Thanks to several generous benefactors donating specifically toward this booth the LPIN is in a position to make a huge impact for the 2012 election. Now it is up to each and every member to help turn this opportunity into a tremendous success. All that is needed now is energetic libertarian activists like you, to help spread our message.

Please Click Here to Volunteer!

Will you be a part of it? Can you offer a few hours time to participate in one of the biggest opportunities in LPIN history? Come out to enjoy a fun day at the Indiana State Fair and donate a few hours to help the LPIN reach out to hundreds of thousands of voters. Volunteers are needed to administer the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, register new voters, and create opportunities to grow the Libertarian Party.

Please Click Here to Volunteer!

We can only be as successful as member participation allows. Please help. Please Click Here to Volunteer!

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