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Friends and supporters,

I won the first independent public poll [1] that included me as a candidate for US Senate. And I was judged to have the most “crossover appeal” in another public media poll [2]. Granted, those polled are more interested in politics than average, and one shouldn’t make decisions by polls/peer pressure anyway. But many polls show that the majority of Americans are no longer divided into only two parties – more than a third of us reject that bipolarity. And it seems that people who know all their options tend to reject our failing status quo in favor of the Rule Of Law, peace, prosperity and liberty that I put on the ballot. That’s good!

However, over 80% of Indiana voters [3] keep voting without knowing their options. Whose fault is that?

Before you say it’s the candidates’ job to get the message out:


  • There are many unscrupulous candidates who’ll do anything to win. Really. Anything.
  • Voters, not candidates, do the choosing. Voters are accountable for their choices.
  • The advertising, media, influence-peddling, etc. that drive campaigns pretty much defines the status quo. There is no level playing field; the powers-that-be have frightful power to defend themselves against anyone who’d challenge their lock on our allegiance.


While more and more voters are rejecting the powers-that-be, the information made easily available to the majority of voters is still controlled by only Democrats and Republicans, whose leaders and candidates will disseminate whatever message suits their purpose, not yours. Voters can’t expect candidates to give them real information without external force.

You already know that there is a false dichotomy between Democrats and Republicans. We cynically joke about “Etch-A-Sketch” campaigns that reset the message for each audience. And countless people who’ve never once changed their voting habits have told me that, “all politicians are the same.”

It is time to consider the elephant (and donkey) in the living room:


There’s never been any such thing as the self-named two-party system, either in law or in practice. Behind that two-faced mask is one relatively small but global network and scheme of very corrupt people, their organizations and abstractions, which manipulates all the structures of power and money. Since 1913 at least, about 90% of us have been voting for only this behind-the-scenes geopolitical machine. Many prominent people and several US Presidents have warned us about “the men behind the curtain,” “the moneychangers,” “banksters,” “power-brokers,” or “the military-industrial complex.” We should have listened. This is no conspiracy theory. There are real people taking advantage of you. In fact I’m writing this to you on the assumption that you already know this to be true.


They don’t much care who wins the election. Because to these people, the complicated rules, taxes, endless fears and wars ravaging us little folk, are irrelevant. “The message” articulated by Ds and Rs doesn’t matter to them. They’ll often give money to both sides, knowing that whoever wins will pick up the phone when they call. Their contributions pay them back in special access, special laws, special perks, subsidies, exceptions, and the cover of what we think is legitimate government. They rob us of our money, opportunities, liberties, justice and security …as we keep voting for more of the same.

It is not our politicians who’ve sold us out to these people. We did it ourselves. Our politics have, by our votes as well as our silence, transgressed all boundaries of written law and morality. The message, my fellow Hoosier, isn’t what candidates say to voters. It’s what voters say to the powers-that-be. And so far, with our free choices, we’ve said “attaboy” to all the worst people in the world.

This is not the message we should send them as their global influence-peddling scheme is failing!

Actually, we shouldn’t be trying to send a message at all. Voters have vastly more power and accountability than that. We’re the ones who must pay for our choices in one way or another. We have nobody but ourselves to turn to for either solutions, or blame. Voters have all the power necessary to simply choose a much better, healthier, just and sustainable American life. If we don’t do that soon, our choices will get a lot harder.

What I’m proposing is simple, once voters finally dispatch the lock on power enjoyed by only a few for over a century. What I’m offering is proven to work better than anything else human beings have ever tried. All you have to do is shoo away those who make their living off injustice.

Imagine what life would be like under rules that are:


  • Few enough that you can actually know them.
  • Simple enough that you can actually understand them.
  • Important enough that they’re to be obeyed equally, by all, without exceptions or special classes. No “perks of power.” Equality under law without excuses.
  • All written down in plain English so that you can judge of their infraction yourself without a lawyer or decoder ring.
  • Designed to keep a stout leash on that junkyard dog we call “politics” – not on you.


Then consider what you’d be willing to do for this Liberty and Justice, for All.

First, the bad news: We The People don’t get what we wish for; we get what we choose. Despite all the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street saber-rattling, we have been choosing the same dysfunctional system over and over again.

Now the good news: We do get what we choose. If you cast aside the canards of working within the system and lesser evils, you can sweep away one hundred years of entrenched corruption and generational theft. No revolution is required anywhere but in your voting arm.

You can help others choose, too. All you need to do is join our crony network, and fight back.


As I said at the beginning of this letter, a disappointing percentage of your fellows don’t know their options. We must tell them. Of course we must do that one person at a time as possible. But we must also employ mass-marketing means that cost money. Your donation is needed …now!

While the other two candidates do get free press, that didn’t come for free! Already, special interests from outside of Indiana have spent over 4.5 million dollars on this race! Obviously, I’m not a part of that money spigot. I am the only candidate who doesn’t already work as a politician, for politicians or their cronies. I cannot play that game and even if I could, I wouldn’t. If we stop treating this like a game, and if we stop giving in to what we all say we oppose, we can change the way Hoosiers live, for the better.

Your $20, $50 or $100 will be more effective than their thousands, millions and billions. Your efforts will be more effective. Your participation will be more noticeable, and more appreciated, by all of us.

We do now have the numbers to fight back. We seem to be building the will to fight back. We mustn’t wait any longer.

Make checks payable to: Horning for Senate, 7851 Pleasant Hill Road, Freedom, IN 47431. Or visit our online donation page by clicking the link. Paypal and all major credit cards accepted.



Liberty or bust!


Andrew Horning





[1] 1400 WBAT online poll. 46% Horning, 32% Donnelly, 22% Mourdock.

[2] WFYI Indianapolis poll. 47% Horning, 42% Donnelly, 11% Mourdock.

[3] Based upon “Name ID” polling.




Horning for Senate

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“Government is, at best, a protection racket. It is always a violent force; the threat of its violence is rarely even veiled. We ought to keep this violent monster on a short leash and behind a fence. Our founders made a leash and fence called Constitutional Rule of Law, we need it now!”

– Andy Horning


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