Gov. Gary Johnson Endorses Three Hoosier Candidates

Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Governor Johnson is pleased to announce, on behalf of himself, Judge Gray and the Johnson/Gray2012 Campaign, his endorsement of the following Hoosier Federal candidates.

Andrew Horning for the United States Senate, Indiana.



Andy Horning has worked in cardiovascular healthcare since 1979. His book on Stress Echocardiography has been printed in 8 editions and has been used in CME-accredited medical education courses. It was at least partly his work in the heavily, mindlessly, counter-productively legislated and litigated field of healthcare that drove him to reexamine what he’d been taught about the government’s proper role in our lives. That reexamination, and a study of both America’s history and “Austrian School” economics, led him to libertarian political philosophy. He has since earned a reputation as a principled Libertarian activist, writer, public speaker and political candidate. His columns and opinion letters have appeared in over 25 newspapers in Indiana, as well as others around the nation, including the Houston Chronicle, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Andy Horning is the only candidate for Senate in Indiana who is fully committed to honor his oath to uphold the US Constitution. America needs Libertarians like Andy in the US Senate to help us all Live Free.”

Andy Horning: “I enthusiastically endorse Johnson/Gray 2012. Gary Johnson is easily the most sane, informed, responsible and constitutionally qualified candidate on the ballot. The Johnson/Gray ticket makes me proud to be a Libertarian.”

Joe Ruiz for the United States House of Representatives, Indiana 2nd district.



Joe Ruiz is a 27 year old father of two from Mishawaka, Indiana. As the son of a Marine turned pastor, Joe learned the value of family, community, and faith. Raised in La Porte County, Joe graduated from Michigan City High School and attended Bethel College before graduating with his BS in business management from Indiana Wesleyan. He will graduate with an MBA in December of this year. Both he and his wife have thus far dedicated their lives to assisting those less fortunate. Joe currently works with at-risk youth at the Family and Children’s Center where he puts his compassion to work for the community.

Governor Johnson states: “Joe not only talks about doing right but lives it. He has a proven history empowering the people with faith in the individual. Joe is the right candidate to promote liberty while working to ensure every citizen has the opportunity to live the American Dream. Joe is consistent in his message of civil and economic liberty.”

Joe Ruiz: “No other presidential/vice presidential team has a record of limited government like Governor Johnson and Judge Gray. While the other two parties offer words, Johnson and Gray offer proof.”

Rex Bell for the United States House of Representatives, Indiana 6th district.



Rex was born in New Castle in 1952, and has lived within a few miles of that location his entire life. He was raised on a small farm near Millville, the second of eight children of Myron and Phyllis Bell. Rex attended Millville Grade School, and graduated from Hagerstown High School in 1970. After a short stint at Indiana University, he returned home and started his own contracting business in 1974, which he still operates today. Rex is married to his wife Susan and they are the proud parents of three grown children and five grandchildren. Rex writes, “I joined the Libertarian Party because I believe that personal freedom and personal responsibility are what made this nation great. I also believe that abandoning personal freedom and personal responsibility, and expecting the government to provide for our every wish, want and need, will be the downfall of this great nation.”

Governor Johnson states: “Rex embodies the limited government principles that we so desperately need in Washington as we work to cut federal spending and waste.”

Rex Bell: “Gary Johnson is our best hope for stopping runaway government and restoring the American dream of freedom.”


More candidates will follow as Governor Johnson and the campaign complete selection procedures.

The campaign has also announced the introduction of monthly conference calls for all interested endorsed candidates as well as all other Libertarian candidates requesting or considering requesting endorsement by the campaign. The first of these candidate conference calls will occur at 10PM Eastern Time on Monday, June 25th, 2012. Details, including the call in number and conference code, are available upon request by email:

About Gary Johnson:

Governor Johnson, who has been referred to as the ‘most fiscally conservative Governor’ in the country, was the Republican Governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003.

A successful businessman before running for office in 1994, Gov. Johnson started a door-to-door handyman business to help pay his way through college. Twenty years later, he had grown the firm into one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico with over 1,000 employees. Not surprisingly, Governor Johnson brings a distinctly business-like mentality to governing, believing that decisions should be made based on cost-benefit analysis rather than strict ideology.

Johnson is best known for his veto record, which includes over 750 vetoes during his time in office, more than all other governors combined and his use of the veto pen has since earned him the nickname “Governor Veto.” He cut taxes 14 times while never raising them. When he left office, New Mexico was one of only four states in the country with a balanced budget.

Term-limited, Johnson retired from public office in 2003. An avid skier, adventurer, and bicyclist, he has reached the highest peak on four of the seven continents, including Mt. Everest.

In 2009, after becoming increasingly concerned with the country’s out-of-control national debt and precarious financial situation, the Governor formed the OUR America Initiative, a 501c(4) non-profit that promotes fiscal responsibility, civil liberties, and rational public policy. He traveled to more than 30 states and spoke to over 150 conservative and libertarian groups during his time as Honorary Chairman.

He has two grown children- a daughter Seah and a son Erik and currently resides in a house he built himself in Taos, New Mexico.

See more more about his accomplishments at his website:

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