Why I am a Libertarian: Joshua Sefchek

I believe in personal freedom, responsibility and accountability. People should be able to say, write, worship, eat, drink and smoke whatever they want as long as they do not harm others and are prepared to accept the full consequences. The government should have no role in dictating personal lives or in compensating persons who willingly make bad decisions.

I believe in small limited government. The size and power of the government has been increasing for far too long and it now intrudes on almost every aspect of our lives. We need and deserve to be served by a small limited government.
I believe in free enterprise and core principles of capitalism. The government is needed to provide a level playing field; NOT to bail out companies or individuals. There are very few reasons why the government should ever own a business competing in the private sector.

I believe in fiscal responsibility. Living beyond our means is reckless and damaging to our families and ourselves. We are expected to live within our means and the government should set the example not be the exception.

I believe in the American people. It is the people within America that make this country great. Corporations and special interest groups are not people and should never be extended the same rights afforded to the people. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the people should be valued above all other things.

Joshua Sefcheck is a Columbus, IN resident. He is currently seeking the nomination to run for the Columbus City Council.

Why I am A Libertarian is a series by Hoosiers Libertarians explaining why they joined the party, and what attracts them to the libertarian philosophy. If you’d like to be featured, please send 200 to 300 to lpinhq@lpin.org.

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