Who is Libertarian Councilor Ed Coleman?

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from Libertarian Indianapolis City-County Councilor Ed Coleman

Ed Coleman was first elected to the Indianapolis City County Council in 2007 and is determined to continue working for the citizens of Indianapolis.

Councilor Coleman is a health care professional and works for a subsidiary of Wellpoint in Indianapolis. He and his wife Kerri are proud parents of two children and reside on the Southside of Indianapolis. Ed was honorably discharged following 3 years of service in the United States Navy. Ed spent his 3 years with HS-4 helicopter squadron attached to the USS Carl Vinson doing a 6 month deployment to the Persian Gulf. Then briefly with the USS Abraham Lincoln. He then spent 9 years in the Indiana Army National Guard were he was activated in support of training troops for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also was honored for state emergency service on 3 seperate occasions. He is an Indianapolis native, graduating from Warren Central and Ivy Tech.

Party Politics

These days, Indianapolis politics is little more than a shoving match between the Republicans and Democrats. Too often, the real issues Indianapolis voters deal with on a daily basis are overshadowed by the agenda of party officials. That’s not right and that’s just one of the reasons Councilor Coleman is proud to be a Libertarian. Ed Coleman is working today to protect the interests of his constituents, not party officials.

Corporate Welfare

Business development is crucial for the future of Indianapolis. Ed Coleman believes the best way to insure jobs and revenue for our growing city is to minimize obstacles for new ventures, not bribing investors with sweetheart tax deals and other city funded incentives. Corporate welfare is just one of the ways government officials take advantage of you, the taxpayer. Councilor Coleman is working today to protect the interest of taxpayers, not corporate cronies.

Small Business

Many of the large companies that define Indiana commerce started as small, privately owned businesses. Eli Lilly, Allison Transmission and Simon Properties are just a few of the local businesses that resulted from the hard work, risk and dedication of entrepreneurs. Ed Coleman wants to insure Indianapolis offers a fertile environment for small businesses by streamlining municipal licensing processes and listening to the needs of entrepreneurs. Councilor Coleman is working today to bring jobs and commerce to Indianapolis, not saddling the innovators of tomorrow with senseless regulation and bureaucracy.

Public Safety

A successful city must be a safe city. Unfortunately, Indianapolis has struggled to insure the safety of area residents in recent years and that has to change. Ed Coleman values the contributions of the men and women dedicated to protect the residents of Indianapolis. He’s listening to their issues, as well as the communities they serve. Ed Coleman sees no place for politics and inflated egos in our public safety system. Councilor Coleman is working today to insure our city police, fire and EMS systems are prepared to protect and serve our citizens, not the interests of well connected city officials and their patrons.

Infrastructure Improvements

Have you seen the condition of Indianapolis roads and bridges? Ed Coleman has and he knows we deserve a stronger infrastructure. That’s why he supports fiscally responsible improvement projects throughout Indianapolis. Ed is also aware of the impacts these projects impose on local residents and business owners. Too often, residents and business owners are forced to accept months of disruption to their lifestyles and livelihoods as municipal projects run over schedule and over budget. Too often, property owners are forced to sell in order to make these projects possible. Ed Coleman believes the city must take into consideration the real impacts of these projects and offer reasonable accommodation to effected residents and businesses. That also means limiting the acquisition of property through eminent domain to absolute necessity. Councilor Coleman is working today to make Indianapolis a functional and beautiful city, not a gridlocked construction zone where property rights are ignored.


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