When Third Parties Become First Choice

A recent blog post from Abdul Hakim-Shabazz on 91.3 WIBC487181

One day I was asked that if it came down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who would I vote for President? My answer was Justin Trudeau because I would be living in Canada. (Rimshot!) But seriously folks, when you take a good look at what’s been happening at the national level and to a lesser degree, the state level, third party candidates are starting to look a lot better to a lot more people.

A recent Monmouth national poll had Libertarian Presidential candidate and former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson at 11 percent in a three-way match up with Clinton and Trump. Clinton was at 42 percent, Trump came in at 34 percent. And before you accuse Johnson of “stealing” votes from Republicans thus helping elect a Democrat, the data showed he pulled about equally from both candidates. Actually he pulled slightly more from Clinton than Trump. And the main reason for his support, you guessed it, people are really tired of two-party system and the current crop of candidates.

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