What is a Libertarian? The LPIN launches a new LP 101 Class

“Are libertarians just librarians that take liberties? Why is a Libertarian Party even necessary? Aren’t you guys just Republicans?”

We’re launching a new program to help teach the LP’s beliefs and how we’re different from other parties. This site – http://www.lp101.org is a portal to information on our principles, stances on issues, links to sites, how to get involved, and information on our brand new one hour class!

We’re launching a short class to cover the basics of the libertarian philosophy, an introduction to the party, its leadership, and how you can get more involved in making a change in your community. Please share this website with friends that are looking for more information on the party.

The first class will be held Saturday March 26 from 3 PM to 4 PM at the Bonefish Grill in Greenwood. Soon, local organizers will hold these classes across Indiana.

Find All the Details on the New Class At LP101.Org

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