What is a Libertarian? The LPIN launches a new LP 101 Class

“Are libertarians just librarians that take liberties? Why is a Libertarian Party even necessary? Aren’t you guys just Republicans?”

We’re launching a new program to help teach the LP’s beliefs and how we’re different from other parties. This site – http://www.lp101.org is a portal to information on our principles, stances on issues, links to sites, how to get involved, and information on our brand new one hour class!

We’re launching a short class to cover the basics of the libertarian philosophy, an introduction to the party, its leadership, and how you can get more involved in making a change in your community. Please share this website with friends that are looking for more information on the party.

The first class will be held this Saturday March 26 from 3 PM to 4 PM at the Bonefish Grill in Greenwood. Soon, local organizers will hold these classes across Indiana.

Find All the Details on the New Class At LP101.Org or RSVP via facebook!

(A repost from 3-3-11)

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