US Senate candidate to attend Indianapolis Indians Game Monday

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – Former educator Rebecca Sink-Burris will watch the Indians tear up the Louisville Bats on Monday night (8/23/2010 @6pm – 10pm) as she attends a candidate meet-and-greet at Victory Field. Sink-Burris, of Bloomington, is the Libertarian Candidate for United States Senate.

“We have been successful in fundraising and building a broad coalition to support Indiana from a runaway federal government. Like Indiana’s wage earners, I understand that the growth of government – even through so-called homeland security and stimulus – means less freedom, security and prosperity for everyday people.” said Sink-Burris. “I’m looking forward to hearing from fellow Hoosiers at Victory Field.”The event is hosted by the Marion County Libertarian Party with a pre-game picnic and other Libertarian candidates on hand. More details on the fundraiser are available at . Media representatives are welcome to attend at no cost.

“While Rebecca’s opponents are out of touch insiders focused on Washington, D.C., she is very concerned with the issues confronting Indiana’s small business people, job seekers, farmers, and parents,” said campaign manager Jeremiah Arn.

The Elect Rebecca campaign is built on a “Support Indiana” message, which includes swapping the FairTax for federal income tax to stimulate jobs and prosperity, encouraging state autonomy in an era of endless debt and war, and pushing for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“The Republicans and Democrats have used and abused their good will with the American people,” said Sink-Burris. “A majority of Hoosiers no longer identify with either of those groups because they have lied about national security – they added insult to injury in regards to immigration and our health care – and they supported the bailouts and stimulus that has crushed our economy. Americans are beginning to see through those sound bites and realize that politicians and lobbyists are, in fact, the ones ruining our country!”

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Indiana’s Libertarian Party has fielded more than 100 candidates from every corner of the state. Since 1974, they have been the third largest political party in Indiana. Find more information at

Paid for by Committee to Elect Rebecca. Treasurer: Todd Singer
Federal Tax ID: 27-2393515

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