Tucker: Legislature should pass SB 0006

(Joseph Tucker is a Hamilton County resident.)

“Knives with automatic blades. Removes a provision that makes it a Class B misdemeanor for a person to manufacture, possess, display, offer, sell, lend, give away, or purchase certain knives with blades that opens automatically.”

SB 0006 is a senate bill that removes an archaic law which effectively did nothing except prohibit law abiding citizens from purchasing, owning, selling or manufacturing knives that open through mechanical means. Knives that use a spring to open at the push of a button are a good example of this, these knives are commonly know as switchblades or automatic knives.

Automatic knives have been easily purchasable for the entire life of the law banning their purchase, sale, display, etc. I won’t go into the means through which they can be acquired, but any individual seeking to obtain them can accomplish it easily and fairly inexpensively.

The law has not been very effective at actually banning the sale and possession of these knives, but it has been effective at banning their sale in brick and mortar stores and their manufacture here in Indiana.

If you would like to see this needless and punitive law removed from our books; if you would prefer that people have the freedom of choice to manufacture and legally sell automatic knives here in Indiana; if you think people should be generally free to purchase any knife they choose, then I urge you to contact your state representative and ask them to support SB 0006.

As I write this the SB 0006 has passed the first house which means it is very close to fully passing, with your support it can fully pass the house to become law and give us back a little bit more of our freedom.

Supporting the bill won’t take long, here’s the step by step:

1. Go to this site to find out who your state representative is:


2. Go to this site to email your state representative’s email, just find their name and click the “Email Your Legislator” link:


3. Fill out the form and in the comments all you need to say is: “I am writing you to ask that you support Senate Bill 0006.”

Feel free to add whatever else you would like to say in support of the bill. Click the “Email Representative” button and you are done.

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