The Session: Will a New Government Class Keep You From Getting Divorced?

(Originally Published by the Indianapolis Star via their legislative blog, The Session.)

The tea party presented a choice for Republican leadership the last two years: liberty or central planning?

State Rep. Cindy Noe has recently introduced House Bill 1248 that will increase the fees for those seeking marriage licenses. The fee will still be $18 for those who have completed a new marriage counseling class designed by the office of the secretary of Family and Social Services. For those not taking the class, the fee will be increased to $78.

This is an attempt by Republicans to lower our divorce rate in Indiana. Divorce is a spiritual and personal problem with no government solution, and marriage is none of the government’s business.

A supporter has called this a “positive intrusion” in your personal life.

Why do I need my government parents explaining to me the basics of marriage? Sadly, the view of Hoosiers by the legislature is that we aren’t able to make life decisions for ourselves anymore, and they think they have a solution. That isn’t liberty.

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