The Road to Reality: The Libertarian Solution to Restoring Economic Prosperity

(Congressional Candidate Chard Reid (CD 5) and US Senate Candidate Andrew Horning have realesed a Libertarian solution to restoring economic prosperity and fiscal stability through constitutional austerity. This plan has been endorsed by our other Congressional candidates.)

Please take a moment to view the Road to Reality by clicking here. If you like what you see, I would highly encourage you to share our plan through email, Facebook, and Twitter.

The budget proposed by Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) and endorsed by my Republican opponent is woefully inadequate of restoring fiscal stability to our nation. In fact, Mr. Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” will continue to run deficits until the year 2040.

On my page entitled Encourage Economic Growth , I clearly demonstrate how government deficits are destructive to the long-term prosperity of our nation. Consequently, I believe the Paul Ryan plan should be renamed the “Path to a Lower Standard of Living” or perhaps the “Path to Global Mediocrity”.

In contrast, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has offered a respectable proposal that promises to balance the budget within 5 years. To avoid reinventing the wheel, I concluded that Senator Paul’s budget would be a great starting point for my own proposal. But creating a federal budget is certainly not a job for just one man. Therefore, I have collaborated for the past month with Andy Horning (candidate for U.S. Senate) and a few Libertarian candidates for U.S. House of Representatives (Rex Bell, Joe Ruiz, and Bart Gadau) to create a budget plan that we call the Road to Reality.

Because we believe the United States must balance the budget during the next session of Congress, we have increased the magnitude of Senator Paul’s spending cuts and completely eliminated even more programs to accelerate the balancing process. Our solution, the Road to Reality, will balance the federal budget within two years.

As your representatives in Washington, we will battle the two-party system to make significant cuts to federal spending and reassert our Founder’s vision of a truly limited government whose primary mandate is to protect our lives, our liberties, and our property.

Any program or department that the federal government does not have the constitutional power to authorize will be ended immediately (i.e. Department of Education). Furthermore, programs that are inefficient and create moral hazards (i.e. Department of Housing and Urban Development) will also be eliminated without delay.

In addition to eliminating entire departments, the Road to Reality will bring all non-military discretionary spending levels back to at least FY 2006 levels. In some case, we have proposed even bigger cuts than that.

Please take a few moments to review the Road to Reality and give us any feedback that you may have by emailing me at By no means do we consider this proposal to be perfect, but we hope that the Road to Reality can serve as a map that helps America return to fiscal responsibility and stability.

In Liberty,

Chard Reid

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