The Best Deal in All of Human History

I have never believed in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or that creepy Tooth Fairy thing.
But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t nurtured other baseless, nutty beliefs until some painful paroxysm jolted me awake.

Many years ago, under horrible personal circumstances, I endured the same spiritual upheaval you’re feeling right now. Just as with you, my religion turned out to be a big lie. My false god turned against me, just as it’s turning against you now. So like you, I can no longer believe in the charity, peace and love of …politicians.

While initially painful, there is relief in this truth that sets you free.

But there’s another problem. Nobody alive remembers how liberty works. We cannot imagine how schools, roads jobs, healthcare, or food ever existed without a political genesis, subsequent bailouts, lawsuits and bipartisan bickering. Only if you’re over 100 years old did you even exist when there was such a thing as a free market; with all the innovation, competition and rapid advancement that entails.

So as we endure the agony of Change that’s not working, we must thoughtfully prepare a better way forward. I suggest we first retrieve what we’ve lost from the past.

All federal authority is still clearly written into the Constitution for the United States of America (Article I, Section 8; Article II, Sections 2-4; Article III), which you could read in just a few minutes. All other powers are still very clearly denied by one short sentence (Amendment 10). Similarly, all Indiana government powers are spelled out in the Indiana Constitution, while every other conceivable power is still denied by a single sentence (Article I, Section 25).

No state or federal constitution was ever amended, altered or suspended to authorize most of what governments now do to citizens. Nullification of anything unconstitutional is already law at every level of government in the republic. So we have the right, the power, and the duty, to tell politicians to back off; all the way back to the constitutions.

Here’s a summary of what that means:

1. Citizens can do whatever they want to as long as they don’t harm anybody else, or take what’s not theirs.
2. We’d have no more government than necessary to maintain #1
3. We invite others around the world to emulate our success, but otherwise leave them the heck alone.
4. Your major civic duty is to disobey, invalidate and otherwise eliminate all unconstitutional taxes, mandates, organizations and agents. Yes, civil disobedience is a duty.

So caveat emptor would replace the FDA, FTC, FDIC, FCC and a zillion other agencies. Common sense, family ties, competition, voluntary associations, charity and free market options galore would replace union/corporate monstrosities, Medicare, Social Security, lobbyists, regulations, litigation and price controls. And because of the preceding, you get to keep what you earn, buy what you like (smoke it if you’re fool enough – and as long as you don’t blow it in my face), and live however and with whomever you want…as long as you leave others, and their stuff, alone.

No federal tooth fairies, no President coming down the chimney with treats, no more bogus political promises; just a reality proven to work better than anything else ever tried.

That may not be a Square Deal or a New Deal. But it’s a fair deal, which makes it the best deal in all of human history.

Can you live with that?

People used to call that “freedom.”

And they liked it.

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