The Bell Curve: The Work Force…

I heard Michael Cloud, one of my favorite libertarian speakers, say one time that if you can get people to ask the wrong question, it doesn’t matter what the answer is.

Yesterday, I read a story in a local paper in which Phil Pflum, one of our State Representatives, suggested a question concerning the “Right to work” legislation that will likely be discussed in the upcoming session of the Indiana General Assembly. Pflum’s suggestion: “Are we better off with or without unions? That’s what you have to ask yourself.”

I don’t have a problem with people asking themselves that question. I do wonder why the legislature should be asking itself that question.

Certainly everybody has the right to work. An employer and an employee, or an employer and a group of employees should be free to forge any type of agreement that they feel is beneficial to them. Whether or not that agreement requires, allows, or prohibits union membership should be entirely up to them. If they can’t reach an agreement, employees have the right to seek other employers, just as employers have the right to seek other employees.

As long as neither party is threatening or using force, the government shouldn’t be involved, or even asking a question.

Especially, considering if it does get involved, it will be the one threatening or using force.

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