Thank you for your interest in the Libertarian Party of Minnesota! Below is a list with a basic description of some of the things you can do today to build the Party:


Become a Member

Contributions are used to fund a variety of different functions throughout the party such as: pay staff, maintain our office, attend outreach events, buy promotional materials, conduct advertising, and candidate recruitment and support among other political activities. Members have a voting say to freely choose the party’s leadership and candidates; local and state.
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Join our Newsletter

Keep up to date with everything going on with the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.
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Attend an Event

Come meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for freedom! Check out our Calendar.
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There are a variety of volunteer activities that you can choose from. Consider getting involved within one of our divisions(leadership roles available) or signing up as a general volunteer. Fill out our Volunteer Form to learn more.
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Run For Office

Our mission is to influence public policy into a more Libertarian direction, the best way to help the party is to run for office to represent our views.
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Stay Connected

Get connected with the Libertarian Party of Minnesota’s Social Media. Find fun things to share with your friends.
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Help your Congressional District Affiliate

Politics happen at the local level! Attend your monthly affiliate meetings, get to know like-minded neighbors, help organize your community and help with outreach.
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Register to Vote as a Libertarian!

The first thing you can do to help the Party is to Register to Vote.
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