Students Encourage Local Economics Teacher to Run for US House of Representatives

Less than a month ago, Chard Reid was an ordinary high school economics teacher. Today, he is a candidate for the United States House of Representatives all because of a conversation he had with one of his students.

Reid – who teaches and coaches golf at Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis, Ind. – encourages his students to become informed and educated citizens who look for opportunities to make a difference. On April 16, one of his students provided him with a monumental challenge.

While attending a local Tea Party, high school senior Matt Hults spoke to a representative of the Libertarian party and asked who was running for US Congress in the fifth district. After learning there was not a candidate, Hults came to class the next day and said, “Mr. Reid, I need someone to vote for this November … You should run!”

“I have always enjoyed talking about issues and brainstorming solutions to the problems we face with my students, but I have never done anything to implement my ideas. Matt’s enthusiasm made me realize it is time for common men like me to step up and make a difference in our nation before it is too late,” Reid said.

As an economics teacher, Reid firmly believes that free markets operate far more efficiently than regulated markets. “Our current leaders are pushing hard to expand the size of government and to take control of industries that should be free. It is time to SIMPLIFY our federal government.”

“I believe that our elected officials have forgotten the people they represent.” Reid also stated that Indiana needs a leader who is willing to make difficult decisions.

“Congress must cease spending money it does not have, stop borrowing from foreign lenders and quit destroying our currency’s value by putting additional funds into the money supply. All of these actions can stimulate growth for a short-term period, but these results are temporary and can hurt Americans later.”

Several of Reid’s students have volunteered to help him make a difference. “It is an unbelievably valuable experience for students to take part in the political process,” said an excited Reid. “Twelve of them have already asked to work on the campaign throughout the summer.”

These students have volunteered to design marketing materials, assist with grassroots efforts and much more.

Alex Howell, one of Reid’s students, is excited to be a part of the campaign. “Mr. Reid has been a teacher of mine since my freshman year at Heritage. He is a great man of character … So it was an easy choice to jump on board. He has been a great teacher and the political things that he stands for are things that I would love to back. There needs to be change in Washington and Chard is someone to get the job done.”

Chard Reid is the Libertarian candidate for the US House of Representatives, District 5. To learn more about the Reid campaign, visit Facebook (“Chard Reid for Congress”) or email at

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