Statement from 2010 Libertarian Secretary of State candidate Mike Wherry on the Charlie White Situation

Contact: Brad Klopfenstein, campaign spokesperson, 317-442-4061,


“The ruling yesterday by Judge Louis Rosenberg in the matter involving the eligibility of Charlie White to serve as Secretary of State underscores the urgency and importance of addressing true election law reform in Indiana. More pressing than statewide smoking bans and divisive right-to-work fights, we call on our legislature to immediately prioritize putting aside partisan politics and bring some transparency, fairness and common sense to our elections.

“We call for our legislature to expand ballot access to include any statewide race and lower the threshold to ½ of one percent. At a minimum, to avoid the problems we are currently witnessing, expanding ballot access to any of our statewide races is a critical first step in mending a very broken system.”



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