SOS Candidate Mike Wherry Launches New Radio Spot

Our Libertarian Party of Indiana candidate for Secretary of State Mike Wherry has been working hard this summer. Mike has attended many campaign events, fairs, Libertarian functions, and has been interviewed by local media as he’s stopped in town. Mike has posted many of these events and news articles on his Facebook Page to keep you updated on his hard work. Please click here to follow his updates and share this page with your friends!

Mike recently did an interview for the Libertarian Party of Indiana podcast. Hear Mike talk about his campaign and it’s importance for Hoosier voters.

Labor Day is often seen as the launching point for the fall campaign season. We are excited to get under way! Many of our 102 candidates for office in Indiana have found nothing but positive responses as they’ve knocked on doors and asked for votes. In fact, the LP has been asked by the other two parties to participate in several debates around Indiana because we are a bona fide political party. We are a bona fide political party giving the two-party system competition and voters choices because of one thing: ballot access.

This year, the LPIN must achieve 2% of the vote in the Secretary of State’s race to maintain that automatic ballot access for another four years. Our 2006 candidate for the office, Mike Kole, has written an article on the importance of third-party ballot access. Please take a moment and read his arguments.

Now more than ever, we need you to partner with us to ensure that the voters have a 3rd party choice for the next four years.

Mike has produced a brand new radio spot that we need to put on the air immediately! We need your help to do this. Will you help maintain third-party ballot access for four more years by contributing $10, $25, $50, $100, or $500 to Mike Wherry’s campaign today? If so, please click here to go directly to’s donation section.

Please take a moment to listen to the ad: Weary Mike Wherry.

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