Secretary of State Candidate Wherry Launches First Libertarian Media Buy in 2010

Mike Wherry, Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State, is hitting the airwaves. In this primary election season, the Wherry campaign wants to remind voters that there is another option beyond the old parties.

“This is a great way to begin building our brand and creating name recognition,” says Matt Wittlief, campaign manager.

The radio spots will air Friday and Monday on WIBC (93.1 FM) in Indianapolis, WOWO (1190 AM) in Fort Wayne, WBIW (1340 AM) in Bedford, and WGBF (1280 AM) in Evansville.

Listen to the Ad.

“It’s important to begin raising awareness of the importance of Wherry’s race while voter interest is high during the primary season,” said Chris Spangle, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. “Wherry’s campaign is important for several reasons. First, it’s our ballot access race, and Mike has to achieve over two percent to maintain that for our party over the next four years. Secondly, it’s the race for our state’s top election official. We need to elect a Libertarian to that office to ensure fair elections and to end partisan bickering within the electoral system in Indiana at this crucial time.”

“It’s also exciting that Wherry’s campaign is on the air so early,” Spangle continued. “It’s the earliest a Libertarian candidate has been on the air in recent memory.”

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