Rutherford Kicks Off Campaign With Strong 10% Support in Recent Poll

Libertarian Secretary of State Candidate Gets Primary Status Numbers in Poll

What: Mark W. Rutherford polling at 10% as Libertarian for Indiana Secretary of State

Contact: Mark Rutherford: 317-809-9000;

Mark W. Rutherford, an Indianapolis attorney, small business owner, and Chairman of Indiana’s Public Defender Commission, is at 10% in a recent poll conducted on Indiana’s wide-open Secretary of State race.

Gravis Marketing, which states it is a nonpartisan research firm, conducted the poll at its expense from May 10th to May 15th. A copy of the poll and its results is available at The poll has a +/- 4.9% error rate.

Rutherford is running as a Libertarian and is only 13 points behind the second place Democratic candidate.

This is significant because in Indiana, the Secretary of State race determines ballot access for all political parties. While Rutherford is running to win, even a 10% showing in November would be a significant milestone for the Libertarian Party and its growth.

10% in the Secretary of State race means the candidate’s political party participates in primaries under Indiana Election Law. This threshold in the past has been used to give unfair advantages to the two old and current major parties, which conduct primaries that roughly cost $6 million of taxpayer money.

If elected, Rutherford intends to work to level the playing field and fight to get rid of unfair advantages given to the establishment parties under Indiana’s Election Laws.



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