Rush County Libertarian Candidates Seeking Support

(Written By Jeremiah Morrell, a Rush County Libertarian.)

This spring, Joyce Morrell accepted the challenge and has since formed a very strong campaign for a County Council seat. Joyce has teamed with long time friend, Victoria Foley as the first two candidates for office in Rush County on the ballot for the Libertarian Party of Rush County.

Joyce is in a two way race for this seat. She does not face Democratic opposition in this race. This is a very exciting and promising race for Libertarians state wide

Both Joyce and Victoria have been working hard on the campaign trail to win election in Rush County. Over the summer, they have attended countless fairs and festivals throughout the county.

There is some very exciting news about the campaign, as we are heading into the final 40 day push before Election Day! New campaign yard signs will be available very soon, along with the campaign mounting a door to door effort, distributing literature about Joyce & Victoria. If you would like to help, please contact via this Facebook Group or by visiting the homepage of the Rush County Libertarians.

There are multiple campaign appearances scheduled tomorrow for Joyce & Victoria.

Joyce will be attending the opening of the Moscow Covered Bridge. Both Victoria and Joyce will be meeting with residents in Rushville at the Rushfest as well.

As friends of Joyce, we asked her to take this leap of faith into local politics, to try to make improvements upon a community that is so important to us.

At this time, I ask that you consider helping Joyce Morrell and her campaign for Rush County Council, by making a monetary contribution, to allow the campaign to invest in even more lawn signs, campaign materials, and radio advertising.

These next 40 days before the election will be key in sending shock waves all across Indiana, with the election of Joyce Morrell to the County Council.

Your contributions will make this possible.
Please mail checks to:
Committee to Elect Joyce Morrell
9166 W CR 200 N
Arlington, IN 46104

Thank you for your support!

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