Running as a Libertarian? A mandatory read! We’ve got all the help you need.

I have a fantastic problem. The LPIN has so many candidates that have stepped forward in the last two months, it has overwhelmed our staff. We are truly blown away by your willingness to spend your summer spreading the message of liberty and limited government. We need to know your final decision with the convention a couple weeks away.

It’s now necessary to impose another form on you all! I do apologize, but it’s important. We will have a record number of candidates, and we need to know who and how to contact them. So if you are taking that plunge, please read on.1. I have devised a form for you to officially notify the LPIN Officers, SCC, and Directors that you are running as a Libertarian.

We ask that ANYONE running as a Libertarian, even if nominated at a County Convention, fill this out to be included on our state website, and to ensure that our leadership has the correct number of candidates when we brag about you to the media. You MUST fill this out to the best of your ability if you are seeking a nomination at the state convention.
Even if we have directly spoken about your previous interest, you must fill this out for me. I have many record keeping duties in the next week, and I want to ensure that your campaign is served well by my office. I also want to ensure the membership the ability to vote for you. This is an essential form. You must turn this in 48 hours before the opening of our convention to ensure that I have time to place you on the convention ballot and that we allot you speaking time. This must be emailed to me at either this email address, or It can also be mailed.

2. I have written a brief article on how our process works in the absence of a primary.

Please read to understand how to get place on our ballot. If you fail to make the convention, we do have to ability to appoint you to a ballot vacancy before June 30th. If you’re desired race was filled at the convention, then that will be your candidate! You do not have to attend the state convention to be nominated. It would be best if you did. The business meeting is free. We’d love for you to meet members, leadership, and potential donors and volunteers.

3. It is equally important to understand any financial filing deadlines that the FEC, Indiana Election Division, or county clerk’s office may have. Each campaign is responsible for filing all forms correctly and on time. Any penalties or consequences for doing so are the sole responsibility of the candidate and their campaign.

I will have copies of the CFA 1, CFA 4, and the statement of economic interest at the LPIN convention. Please be prepared to fill those out! We’ll all work on them together, answer your questions, and I will file them all for you on Monday! Easy! The CFA 1 and CFA 4 are online. The statement of economic interest is not. I will be picking those up this afternoon if you need a copy. I can mail you one. You must let me know that you need a copy mailed. Otherwise, I will assume you picked it up on your own.

4. I’ve been working hard to build a resources page for both candidates and community organizers! It has many guides and videos for candidates on how you can start your campaign right!

5. As always, I am here to serve you. If you have questions, needs, or are looking for information, please contact me! I can help point you to vendors, train you on media and town hall appearances, hook you up with volunteers, promote you on the website and LPIN lists, provide media lists, and a multitude of other resources! The LPIN hires me to help you, so get your money’s worth! 🙂


I cannot thank you all enough for your hard work,

Christopher Spangle
Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana

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