Redistricting – End Gerrymandering

The Libertarian Party of Indiana supports changing the way that federal and state legislative districts are drawn. Gerrymandering hurts our election process by ensuring that only one party rules in most Indiana Congressional, General Assembly, County, and local races. Voters are served best when they have the ability to vote for more than 1 party! There is a word for that, and it’s not America.

Redistricting reform has finally become a hot topic in Indiana recently, starting with Secretary of State Todd Rokita’s push for a less partisan process and followed by Senate President Pro Tem David Long’s announcement that he will work for a set of redistricting criteria and the eventual creation of a non-partisan redistricting commission.

All Hoosiers, regardless of party, should contact their state legislators, and hold their feet to the fire on this issue.

“For too long Republicans and Democrats in the Indiana General Assembly have colluded together every ten years when they re-draw the political maps,” said Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Chris Spangle. “They put political interest over the public interest and draw districts that preserve their partisan power while denying voters any real choice on Election Day. It’s time to end this blatant conflict of interest and turn the map-drawing duties over to an independent commission with a clear set of criteria that protects the public interest.”

The Libertarian Party of Indiana candidates for Secretary of State called for redistricting reform in both 2002 and 2006.

Update: The Rethinking Redistricting Website has been taken down. Here is a PDF available for download.

You can get high resolution maps of the plan here: Congressional, Senate, and House.

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