Press Release: Wherry Releases Statement on Prospect of Serving as Indiana S.O.S.


“While flattering, the speculation by some media outlets of my winning the Secretary of State race is purely conjecture at this time,” said Mike Wherry, 2010 candidate for the office of Secretary of State in Indiana. “This is unchartered territory being challenged under Indiana’s complex and convoluted election laws. It is premature for any affected party to guess what the outcome of the Indiana Supreme Court ruling will be.”

“We will cross that bridge later this month once we hear the ruling. At that time, we will review the decision and opinions by the justices and make a decision how our campaign will proceed. Of course, if we determine that I have a legitimate claim to hold office, our team will proceed accordingly in working toward that end. I gladly and proudly welcome the opportunity to serve the people of Indiana as their Secretary of State.”

“Throughout this process, however, we are reminded of the great need for election reform. Nothing should be off the table, including a discussion of instituting an “Instant Run-off Voting” system that would have cleared all uncertainty in this issue. The people vote and expect their votes to be counted properly. Potentially making an appointment subject to partisan politics undermines the voice of the voters.”

“In a case where we have a Republican governor possibly appointing a replacement for a Republican Secretary of State, one may question, “What’s wrong with that?” However, imagine the politics involved if we had a Democrat governor making this appointment. Our electoral system is begging for better clarity, transparency and openness. It must change.”

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