Press Release: Rupert to Announce Intentions For Governor’s Race

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA. On Saturday October 22nd, Rupert Boneham will be announcing his intentions whether or not he will seek the nomination of the Libertarian Party of Indiana for the Office of Governor.

Back in August, Boneham announced the formation of an exploratory committee. During the last few months, he has been speaking to family, friends, and many of his fellow Hoosiers about what they see as the future for Indiana. It appears that Boneham’s decision has been made.

According to Boneham’s campaign manager, Evan McMahon, “Over the past couple of months, Boneham has been visiting everyday Hoosiers and small business owners from all across the state. After
hearing their stories and concerns, and weighing those of his family and supporters, Boneham has come to a decision.”

McMahon continued, “This truly has been a tough decision for him. He has struggled with the unknown impact this will have on his family and community work. He’s also been faced with a few hostile members of the media, that have done everything they can to discredit not only his potential campaign but also the legitimacy of other Libertarian candidates. But, he has also had a great deal of supporters calling
and emailing the campaign. He gets stopped everywhere he goes by people encouraging him to take this stand for Hoosiers. It has been a rough couple of weeks.”

Boneham came into a national spotlight through his appearances on “Survivor”. During the first “Heroes and Villains” season, out of 38 million votes, 34 million viewers selected Boneham as their favorite survivor, and awarded him check for one million dollars. This remains the highest vote total ever in a modern American TV reality show competition.

Boneham developed his winning ways working with troubled teens in Central Indiana. In 1983, Boneham began his work in the mental health field with mentally handicapped kids in Abilene, TX. During this time,
he realized his talent with hard-edged teens whom many other mentors and caregivers had difficulty connecting.

By 1990, Boneham had followed his passion to work with troubled teens in the central Indiana area. In 1991, he purchased his first abandoned property from the city of Indianapolis to provide vocational training to a group of teens that had been expelled from school. The refurbished house was later made available to low-income families. As Boneham’s organization evolved, it became more active in local
government projects that, he hoped, would benefit the entire community.

After winning his million dollars, Boneham made good on his promise to donate a large portion to create Rupert’s Kids, the culmination of 20-plus years of work with at-risk teens. Rupert’s Kids, in partnership with the City of Indianapolis, created The Park Adoption Program. The program has saved taxpayers $150,000.00 in the past years and continues to provide a safe, enjoyable work environment for Rupert’s Kids. Rupert’s Kids does not receive federal or state funds. Boneham continues to raise funds and awareness for Rupert’s Kids through a campaign of nationwide appearances and speaking engagements.

Rupert’s Kids, according to their website, is an “organization dedicated to serving an easily overlooked population of youth: those that have become too old for the youth social service system, but are not old enough for the adult social service system. We teach these youth valuable skills and trades, while also empowering them to discover their inner strengths, passions, and interests.”

Boneham is no stranger to entrepreneurial risk, either. Boneham owns Tournament Towers, which has 10 crews on the road during football season. The company transports and sets up support gear for high-profile clients as NBC Sunday Night Football, ESPN and The NFL Network to name a few.

It is certainly apparent that this is going to be a decision that has not been considered lightly. But Boneham has decided what he can do for the future of Indiana. We can all rest assured that no matter what Boneham’s future holds, his willingness to fight for the wellbeing of Hoosiers is unwavering.

On October 22nd, the event will begin at 2 pm. There will be a press conference following at 2:30 and will be followed up with questions from the media for Boneham, his campaign staff, supporters, and Libertarian Party of Indiana leadership.

Saturday, October 22 at 2 PM

American Legion, Post 64
601 S. Holt Rd.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Contact Information:
Evan McMahon, Campaign Manager
(317) 500-6333

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