Poll Results: Do You Support American Intervention in Libya?

Out of 91 votes:

  1. No, the unintended consequences of intervention could be disastrous. – 77% (73 Votes)
  2. I am not sure. It depends on how long we’ll be there. – 11% (10 votes)
  3. Yes, we need to help the rebels. – 8% – (8 Votes)
  4. Other – 4% – (4 Votes)
  • I don’t understand what makes up one side in the fight – 1 Vote
  • Only if we keep to Clinton-era long range missile strikes out of support of NATO – 1 Vote
  • No. No American intrests are in Libya. – 1 Vote
  • No, America must obey the Constitution and maintain a NON-interventionist policy – 1 Vote

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