Over 50 LPIN Leaders and Candidates attend Strategy Meeting

On Saturday, January 30th, the LPIN held our 2010 Stategic Goals meeting in conjunction with the regular first quarter meeting of the State Central Committee.

Well over 50 LPIN members from all over the state gathered to consider the 2010 LPIN Roadmap developed by Executive Director Chris Spangle for this crucial election year. Any current, dues paying member may recieve a copy of the 2010 Road Map by emailing Spangle at lpinhq@lpin.org.

Among the goals for this year are to maintain ballot access by achieving at least 2% in the Indiana Secretary of State election (we have averaged about 4.5% over the past two election cycles), gain financial stability by doubling the monthly pledges to our 1994 Socity, recruit 125 candidates for the Indiana General Assembly to support our SOS candidate and to increase LNC members in Indiana to place us in the top 10 state affiliates.

Of the over 50 members in attendance, more than 75% had already run for public office as a Libertarian in Indiana and most were willing to run again this year. Present were several announced candidates for the LPIN nominations for SOS, Indiana Auditor, Congress and various Indiana House and Senate seats. The LPIN will nominate its candidates at our state convention on April 24th in Indianapolis.

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