Our Candidates need support staff!

Our candidates operate on volunteer power! It’s up to you to help make our candidates a success in this election season full of great opportunity. Our candidates are looking for:

  • County event organizers to keep our candidates informed of events taking place in their community
  • Canvassers to walk local neighborhoods to distribute literature and yard signs
  • Fundraisers to hold small events that will raise money for our candidates, such as family BBQ’s or other events
  • Writers to help spread a candidates message online or through Letters to the Editor
  • Social media teams dedicated to running and growing a candidates presence online
  • Small Business networking group members or Neighborhood Association members willing to set up speaking engagements with their organization
  • Volunteers willing to serve as campaign managers, communications directors, volunteer directors, GOTV directors, or event coordinators.
  • If none of these are appealing, then what are your talents? The need is great, and we cannot be successful unless Libertarians choose to step up with extra sweat equity in 2012.

Please View Our Candidates List, Pick One, and Get Involved! Or Fill out a volunteer application, and we’ll connect you with a campaign

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