NOTICE: A Cheat Sheet for 2010 Candidate Forms. What’s a CFA 1 Anyways?

This legal jargon may sound intimidating, but it amounts to less than 15 minutes of filling out simple forms to place you on the Indiana ballot as a Libertarian. We want you to know exactly when and where to file so you can get and stay on the ballot. We have many experienced party members that can help guide you through this process, but you’ll actually find filling out your paper work easier than you though.

The deadline to be nominated by the LPIN convention is 8 PM this evening in writing by filling out this form and emailing it to ( If you miss this deadline, contact Chris Spangle at (317) 920-1994 immediately, or at the morning registration at the Convention. The rules of the convention allow for floor nominations.

If you are nominated at Convention, what do you fill out? (These ONLY apply to statewide and state legislative candidates and some local candidates: judges, prosecutors, and candidates in unaffiliated counties. If you are in an affiliated county, contact your local chairman. If you are a potential federal candidate, contact Chris Spangle with paperwork questions.)

  • All Statement of Organization (CFA 1) and Report of Receipts and Expenditures (CFA 4) forms must be filed by Noon on May 14th. File with the Indiana Election Division, your home county election board, and the LPIN Headquarters.
  • This CFA due is considered our “primary” report. For candidates nominated at convention that have not previously filed the Statement of Organization (CFA 1), the reporting period (monetary transactions and account balances) is April 24 through April 25.
  • For candidates that have filed their CFA 1 previously, it’s for the reporting period of either January 1 or the date you filed your CFA 1 through April 25.
  • A CFA 4 will be filed quarterly with the Indiana Election Division, your home county election board, and the LPIN Headquarters. It is the campaigns responsibility to keep track of this. If you miss a deadline, there will be financial penalties.
  • The CAN 23 notifies the state that you are to be put on ballots. It is due July 15 at Noon to the Indiana Election Division. The CAN 22 is the same form for counties. Do not download the form off the SOS website. Contact for the new form.
  • A statement of economic interest must be filed with the Clerk of the House or Senate. They will give you a receipt. This form is not online, and can only be obtained in person. Chris Spangle can get you a copy, and mail it to you if you are not able to go to the statehouse. It can only be turned in personally as well.
  • This receipt must be turned in with the CAN 23. A CAN 23 will not be accepted by the Indiana Election Division without it.
  • A CFA 1 and CFA 4 can be hand delivered or faxed. The CAN 23, the Statement of Economic Interest, and its Receipt must be hand delivered. Executive Director Chris Spangle can help with this with advance notice (317-920-1994).

If you failed to be nominated at convention, but want to run, we can fill ballot vacancies until June 30. If someone was filled at convention for your desired slot, that cannot be revoked. You can always run for a different office. Please discuss this with Chris Spangle, or turn in the candidate application to notify the State LPIN office that you DO intend to seek a Libertarian Party Candidacy, and you are ready to initiate the paper work process.

  • All of the paper work above applies.
  • The state and local parties must write the election division with notice that we intend to fill a ballot vacancy. It must be submitted ten days before the paperwork is to be submitted in person by the state party staff. The deadline for the written notice is June 20th. The deadline to turn in all of the forms mentioned above is June 30th.
  • After this date, there will be no further opportunities for potential candidates to be on the 2010 General Election Ballot.

If you have questions please contact Chris Spangle at (317) 920-1994. You may also contact the Campaign Finance Coordinator of the Indiana Election division Michelle Thompson at (317) 232-2941. For ballot access issues, please call Dale Simmons, Co-General Counsel of the Indiana Election Division, at (317) 232-3939.

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