Nominations for Libertarian Party of Indiana Awards are Now Open

Every year we recognize the hard work and passion of those involved in growing the party. Awards are presented at the Libertarian Party of Indiana convention each year. With the exception of one award all winners are granted their award by a vote of the LPIN membership at the convention.

We need your nominations! Below, you’ll find an explanation of the awards, and previous winners. To nominate someone for an award, please email Chris Spangle at with their name, and an explanation of why they should win the award. Please submit your nominations by March 1, 2012.

Here are the award descriptions and past winners:

Dr. Barbara Bourland Light of Liberty Award: The recipient is honored as the person most responsible for the growth of the party and dedication to the libertarian cause.

Past winners include:

  • 2011 – Joyce and Paul Morrell (Rush)
  • 2010 – Allison Maguire (Marion)
  • 2009 – Dan Drexler (LaPorte)
  • 2008 – Timothy Maguire (Marion)
  • 2007 – Mike Kole (Hamilton)
  • 2006 – Greg Kelver (LaPorte)
  • 2005 – Rex Bell (Wayne)
  • 2004 – Phil Miller (Hancock)
  • 2003 – Rebecca Sink-Burris (Monroe)
  • 2002 – Sam Goldstein (Marion)
  • 2001 – Mark Rutherford (Marion) & Andy Horning (Marion)
  • 2000 – Kurt St. Angelo (Marion)
  • 1999 – Steve Dillon (Marion)

Susan Bell Officeholder of the Year Award: Awarded to a current elected officeholder of the Libertarian Party that best promotes libertarian principles and values through public service.

  • 2011 – Edward Coleman (Marion)
  • 2010 – Edward Coleman (Marion)
  • 2009 – Susan Bell (Wayne)
  • 2006 – Ed Dilts (Johnson)

Ken Bisson Outreach Award: Awarded to a party member who has worked exceptionally hard to spread the message of libertarian principles to as many potential voters as is possible.

  • 2011 – Rex Bell (Wayne)
  • 2010 – Paul Morrell (Rush) and Jerry Titus (Howard)
  • 2009 – Doug Horner (Allen)
  • 2006 – Mike Sylvester (Allen)

Joe Hauptmann Campaign Leadership Award: Awarded to a campaign volunteer who has worked above and beyond in an extraordinary fashion, and has significantly contributed to the success of a campaign.

  • 2011 – Dan Drexler (LaPorte)
  • 2009 – (Tie) Melanie Hughes (Floyd), Allison Maguire (Marion), and Tim Maguire (Marion)
  • 2005 – Sheri Conover Sharlow (Grant)

Phil Miller Candidate of the Year: Awarded to a Libertarian Candidate that has shown an extraordinary ability to reach and connect with voters, as well as further the cause of libertarianism.

  • 2011 – Rebecca Sink-Burris (Monroe)
  • 2009 – (Tie) Dr. Eric Schansberg (Clark, Congressional District 9), Rex Bell (Wayne, House District 54)
  • 2005 – Kenn Gividen (Bartholomew)

Steve Dasbach Chairman’s Award for Extraordinary Service: Awarded to an individual that has helped grow the Libertarian Party of Indiana in extraordinary ways over many years. This award is not voted on by LPIN membership, and it is the sole privilege of the Chair of the LPIN to award it to the recipient.

  • 2011 – Greg Hertzsch
  • 2010 – Todd Singer (Hendricks), Dan Drexler (LaPorte), Dale Wedel (Hendricks)
  • 2009 – Andrew Horning (Owen)
  • 2007 – Mark Rutherford (Marion), Mike Runnebohm (Shelby)
  • 2006 – Brad Klopfenstein (Marion), Cindy Kirkpatrick (Marion), Kenn Gividen (Bartholomew)
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