News Release: Another November Featuring the Same Old Faces

Following a year of tea parties, candidate rallies and town hall meetings, the promise of change within Indiana’s entrenched parties did not materialize on Tuesday as a small majority of primary voters rebuffed the “change” message opting, instead, for more of the same brand of decision-makers that fueled the current uproar across the nation.

“We’re amazed that so many people felt the Republicans and Democrats would allow their parties’ agendas to change,” Chris Spangle, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. “I believe yesterday’s election results should make it apparent that change can only be effected from the outside.”

The Libertarian Party of Indiana slated candidates for each of the 10 federal offices at their convention in late April. This is the first time in the party’s 40 year history that the full field of candidates was slated at convention. Leading the slate is Bloomington resident Rebecca Sink-Burris, running for U.S. Senate. Sink-Burris, a former teacher and small business owner, has been a party leader in the state since the libertarians gained permanent ballot access two decades ago.

“If tea party members, disaffected Republicans and Democrats and the politically homeless are truly looking to change their government, we have a home for those supporters,” continued Spangle. “Look at the choices in the U.S. Senate race. The Grand Old Party chose a Washington insider and Virginian lobbyist in Dan Coats. The Democrats are apparently staying the course with a long-time civil servant in Brad Elsworth, a recent supporter of big government health care and industry takeovers. Rebecca is the only candidate remaining that believes in smaller, restricted government. I hope all of these activists for change acknowledge the reality and stop wasting their votes on more of the same from the other two parties pushing the failed policies of the past.”

Spangle continued, “Over the last year when tea party conservatives have engaged libertarians in a discussion of what a Libertarian is and why we are a third-party, they are initially hesitant to buy in,” said Spangle. “But once we begin to explain that our political views are based on the Constitution, workable in modern society, and are far different than their preconceived notions, they find the Libertarian Party closer to their own views than their former party. We expect this trend to increase with yesterday’s elections.”

“We’re running a full slate of energetic, intelligent and insightful candidates for Congress and Senate in November,” added LPIN Chairman Sam Goldstein. “They will unashamedly advocate and vote for our Constitution. They will run on ideas that reflect American values: limited government, personal responsibility, and personal freedom. The Libertarian Party and it’s candidates will be the only party on November 4th that will work to keep the government out of your business AND keep money in your wallet.”

In addition to Sink-Burris, the LPIN has slated the following candidates in the U.S. House races:

US House, Dist. 1: Jon Morris
US House, Dist. 2: Mark Vogel
US House, Dist. 3: Scott Wise
US House, Dist. 4: John Duncan
US House, Dist. 5: Chard Reid
US House, Dist. 6: T.J Thomson
US House, Dist. 7: David Ezell
US House, Dist. 8: John Cunningham
US House, Dist. 9: Greg Knott

Chris Spangle, Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Indiana
156 E. Market Street
Suite #405
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 920-1994

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