National LP: On Civil Liberties, Obama is Worse than Bush

By Wes Benedict, National Libertarian Party Executive Director

Last week it was reported that the Obama Administration wants to give the FBI power to force internet companies to reveal information about their users’ internet activities: things like who they send email to, times and dates of emails, and maybe also information about their web browser activity.

Even worse, they want the FBI to be able to demand this information without a warrant!President Obama is racking up an atrocious record on civil liberties and the Fourth Amendment. When he campaigned, he talked a lot about civil liberties. But when he got elected, he made an about-face and started expanding the abusive policies of the Bush Administration.

For example, his Justice Department claimed that “state secrets” doctrine started by Bush gave the government even more secrecy powers than Bush had claimed!

And earlier this year, the president signed a bill re-authorizing even the most abusive parts of the PATRIOT Act.

It seems that Obama has lots of respect for government power, and little or no respect for the rights of the people. Just like his predecessor.

Democrats and Republicans are cooperating to grow the power of government and trample on our rights. Please support the Libertarian Party and Libertarian candidates this year. We are the only real opposition.

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