Matt Wittlief Announces Intention to Run for Marion County Chair

Dear Fellow Libertarians,

It is with great pleasure and humility that I would like to announce to you my intention to run for Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Marion County. After long and careful consideration, I believe that this is the role that I wish to pursue in order to continue serving our local Party. The next two years will provide us with significant opportunities to grow the Party and elect Libertarians to office.

While I am a relative newcomer to the Party, I have long been a “small l” libertarian. Following the 2008 election cycle, I decided that it was time to get off the sidelines and commit to political action. I elected to join the Libertarian Party because I believe it is our greatest chance to advance the cause of liberty in the electoral and political climate in which we live today. The Republicans and Democrats are hopelessly lost as they pursue the status quo and continuously increase the size and scope of government. The Libertarian Party of Indiana is strong and vibrant and has much potential for growth.

This is will not be an easy task. I hope to bring my skills to this leadership position in Marion County to help us achieve this vision of growth. I have a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and have been executive at a large Travel and Hospitality business for several years. My strengths are in analytical thinking, building organizations, and strategic planning. I believe that these skills will allow me to help lead you, the members of the Libertarian Party of Marion County, to achieve the goals that we set before ourselves.I have spent the last several months as an at-large member of our Executive Committee and believe that I am well-positioned to continue the growth which we have seen under out current Chair, Timothy Maguire. I would like to thank him for his service and leadership as we turn to a new era of leadership. I would also like to thank the many Libertarians that I have had the opportunity to meet and those who have encouraged me to run for this position.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my candidacy.

In Liberty,
Matt Wittlief

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