Mark Vogel featured in LaPorte Herald Argus Newspaper

(LP Congressional District 2 candidate Mark Vogel was recently featured in the LaPorte newspaper, a key county in his district.)

“I think there’s an awakening going on,” Vogel said. “I think more people are realizing Democrats and Republicans aren’t as different as they thought.”

Vogel said he has a four-point plan for stimulating the economy and creating jobs which includes repealing NAFTA, taking power away from the Federal Reserve Board to inflate currency, stopping bailouts of large companies and stopping spending, particularly overseas spending.

Vogel said he opposed the health care reform bill that Congress recently passed and for which Donnelly voted.

“I don’t think we need more government regulation in health care,” he said. “I can understand why many people want a nationalized health care system because they can’t afford it. I can see why people are very upset with the current system.”

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Cross posted from Vogel’s website.

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