LPLP: Thanks, but no tanks!

(Michigan City, Indiana) The Libertarian Party of La Porte County calls for the immediate return of the recently acquired military Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle by the Michigan City Police Department and seeks your support.

Here are just few concerns from a Sept-Oct. 2011 Army Sustainment report concerning the MRAP’s use in combat:

· “The MRAP is also too large and unwieldy to operate in a constrained environment…”

· “However, the minute it is off the road on uneven terrain, it becomes cumbersome and susceptible to rollovers.”

· “The MRAP is also extremely tall and wide and is therefore very difficult to take into an urban environment with low-hanging wire and narrow streets.”

· “MRAPS consistently require replacements of heavy-duty transmissions, engines, axles and tires”

The acquisition of the MRAP should serve as a wake-up call for all LaPorte County residents. To date, the Dept. of Defense has distributed over 200 MRAPs and other military weapons to small and medium sized police departments around the country.

With the wide distribution of military equipment to local law enforcement agencies, many consider the Department of Defense’s 1033 surplus program to be militarizing Police departments and shifting the way police departments view citizens and law enforcement in their communities.

“What the Libertarian Party is most alarmed by is that MCPD requested this vehicle, based on an assumption that they have need for one. This is a large military vehicle solely designed to protect occupants from mine blasts. If MCPD felt their job required a mine resistant vehicle, when did Michigan City become a war zone?” commented Ray Wolff, LPLP Chairman.

Recent news releases fail to mention that MRAPs are expensive to maintain, prone to rollovers, difficult to maneuver in city environments, have great expense to outfit for police use and at 20+ tons, can cause untold damage to streets, bridges and personal property.

“When the police are acquiring military grade vehicles and equipment, are they starting to view all Americans as potential enemy combatants? We don’t believe this to be the case with MCPD, however, we should all be alarmed by this decision and direction,” remarked LPLP Vice Chairman Jordan Carder.

“We predict MCPD will find new and innovative ways to use and justify use of this urban tank, regardless of the actual need and existing tools at their disposal. What happens when someone gets a shiny new toy? They’ll simply find a way and reason to use it”, said LPLP officer Greg Kelver.

The Libertarian Party of LaPorte County calls for MCPD to reverse its decision to obtain the MRAP and to return it under the 1033 Program’s Turn-In/Transfer protocol.

The LPLP is seeking pledge donations to cover transportation costs of returning the MRAP back to the Department of Defense. Please call (855) 455-5757 or email us at for additional information or to make a pledge.


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