LPIN Press Release: House Democrats Show Failed Leadership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – State House Democrats imitated their counterparts in Wisconsin by fleeing the state and failing to do the job Hoosiers hired them to do: Meeting Indiana’s challenges head on. Instead of exercising bipartisanship they pulled a political stunt to kill HB 1468, or the Right to Work bill.

“Legislators are hired to serve the public, not special interests,” said State Chairman Sam Goldstein. “By ignoring the State’s business today, the House Democrats are serving a large campaign contributor, not Hoosiers. This is another reminder that Democrats are lacking on principles and leadership. Unacceptable political stunts are why principled people are investigating the Libertarian Party in historic numbers.”

Indiana legislators make an annual salary of $22,616, as well as $155 per diem in session or at a committee hearing. They receive $62 in expense pay every other day. (Source: Indianapolis Star)

“House Democrats should refund their per diem to the taxpayers for any days that are missed,” said Chris Spangle, LPIN Executive Director. “The message from taxpayers to lawmakers is clear: This was not an excused absence, and it should not be a paid vacation day.”

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