LPIN Podcast: Paul Morrell and Rush County’s Rising Stars

As the two parties fail, the Libertarian Party sees increased interest, often in places scarcely represented previously by the LP. Rush County is one such area, where Paul Morrell Chairs the new county affiliate of the Party.

Morrell, a former Republican, has hit the ground running with retail politics- participating in civic events, running candidates, and going door-to-door in support of their candidates.

Listen to the new podcast here: 052 Paul Morrell and Rush County’s Rising Stars

Audio can be used freely if attributed to LPIN and www.lpin.org.

The LPIN podcast is a feature of the LPIN, highlighting candidate and member efforts through direct interviews. The program is hosted by Libertarian Party of Hamilton County Chair Mike Kole. You can also subscribe through iTunes by clicking here. You can also search for this podcast in the iTunes directory.

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